Dear all, Allow me to briefly introduce to you the latest products which will be admired by all working with water, above and below it...NEMO POWER TOOLS, the result of high technology! NEMO drill was originally produced in 2012 for scientific purposes of state organizations. In 2013 the product was adapted for general market. You will find NEMO drill technology, in general, only in high-tech products, for instance the battery and electronics are from drone industry, the cooling system from computer industry and manufacturing process from maritime industry. Since 2014 the specter of strong and reliable products has expanded for use above and below the water surface to drill/drivers, an angle grinder, an impact wrench and impact drivers and a hammer drill. Of course, the product pallet will continue to develop, and so we will soon introduce the most powerful battery-operated dive light, as well as the drill with battery which is water resistant up to 100 meters of depth. NEMO tools are being used by industrial divers, underwater explorers, pool maintainers, boat and yacht owners, installers, construction workers and rescuers around the world. NEMO has convinced me of its quality! For the first time, we don't have to place the hoes, charge aggregates or lay down cables during underwater work and waste out precious time. Completely wireless and practical for use - NEMO POWER TOOLS! Perfect for times when time plays a major role. In salt, sweet or chlorinated water... ...on dry land or true depths, NEMO is at your service. Allow it to show you its capabilities... If you want, I will be happy to visit you, accompanied by NEMO POWER TOOLS! Best regards, Marina Kindl

Marina Berthold

Managing director