At Nemo Power Tools, we manufacture the world’s most innovative and high-quality products. A superb warranty program is an essential part of our commitment to quality products and customer service. Every Nemo Power Tools product is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory and the following outlines warranty coverage on our tools and accessories: We offer a 1-year warranty on parts that degrade normally with frequent use, including: V2 Drill/Impact Tools Li-ion Batteries O-rings and Gaskets Li-ion Battery Charger Air Pump Tool Leash Impact Tools Internal Impact Mechanism We offer a 3-year warranty on factory faults and specific products and equipment, including: Any obvious factory fault such as a missing component, incorrect assembly, and physical aberrations in materials/parts. Full warranty (excluding corrosion) on the tool carrying case Our warranty does not cover failures caused by improper use or care: Over discharging of Li-po batteries. (Please see instructions on the proper use of and care for Li-po batteries.) Paint job scrapes and chipping Chucks and corrosion (Please see instructions on avoiding corrosion.) Burnt out motors and controllers due to stalling (Stalling or working out of the water for prolonged periods of time may damage the tools.) Flooded tools due to improper pressurizing (Properly pressurized tools cannot flood. Please follow the pressurization instructions carefully.) Drill bits, brushes and other consumables